We move the world of paper into the digital world!

Data Capturing is the process of extracting information from paper or electronic documents and converting it into digital data for key systems. It’s where most organizations begin their information management and digital transformation journey.

We deliver B2B SaaS solutions for fast and simple data acquisition & processing, allowing the design of industry specific applications through the use of a modular system with over 65 elements.

Customer benefits:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency resulting in cost and time savings
  • Easy to install and use, low tech
  • Providing standard interfaces for customer specific data processing

Examples of Data Capturing

911 emergency data form

Diver/ sports indemnification form

Traction of manufacturing process with time stamp

Appointment management with data input

Visitor registration, tracking via QR-Code

Tracking of expendable materials in production

Plumbing inspection report instant transmission

Car accident reporting with GPS data, photo

Goverment services data entry form

Citizens abroad, GPS tracking, emergency

Anamnesis Questionaire at Doctor‘s visit

Country entry form for Tourist & Business Traveller

Reporting of infectious diseases

Fire-/ building inspection reporting